Fertility Malpractice
Case Results & Settlements

Past Verdicts and Settlements

For over twenty years, the lawyers at the Fertility Law Group have helped victims and their families obtain the justice they deserve. We aren’t afraid to take on difficult cases and go up against fertility clinics and their insurance companies.  Some of our more recent results are listed below.


IUI – Wrong Sperm
Fertility misconduct case against clinic who used the wrong sperm in an intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure. The family did not discover the misconduct until eleven years after their daughter’s birth. Instead of using the father’s sperm (who was of European descent), the clinic mistakenly switched the sperm with another patient, who was of Asian descent.


IVF – Wrong Sperm
Settlement with a fertility clinic that injected the wrong sperm in relation to an IVF procedure called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. Fourteen years later, in late 2018, after conducting a genetic testing history through a popular service, the parents learned that the child was not related to the father in any way.


Stolen Embryos
Settlement with University of California Irvine Fertility Clinic over stealing embryos from patients and implanting them in other patients without consent.


Birth Injury

A birth injury case against a hospital and OBGYN. The hospital nurses violated their own hospital policy in administering Pitocin to promote labor despite clear contraindications. When the child was born, he suffered from severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (brain damage as a result of lack of oxygen.)


Pediatric Negligence

Settlement in relation to a pediatric emergency room physician and the hospital she worked at when an infant’s late-onset group B streptococcal infection was not timely diagnosed, resulting in catastrophic brain damage.


Emotional Distress

Jury verdict for intentional infliction of emotional distress perpetrated against a mother and her young child.


NICU Malpractice
A baby was brain damaged at a hospital after a NICU nurse failed to recognize and treat the symptoms of a bacterial infection.


Emotional Distress

Jury verdict for negligent infliction of emotional distress regarding after-death-care of a child who passed away.



Jury verdict for injury victim who lost a testicle due to third-party negligence, which potentially hindered his ability to have children in the future.


Stillborn Birth

Unanimous jury verdict after a two-week trial against a major metropolitan hospital. A 17-year old woman suffered a stillborn during an unplanned pregnancy after her baby’s heart rate was not properly monitored by the nursing staff.


Botched Genetic Test

Settlement with a fertility clinic that failed to inform parents that they were carriers of a rare genetic disorder, which resulted in their baby being born a hermaphrodite. Through our genetic experts and life care planners, we were able to present future medical expenses for the child and obtain almost three times the statutory damages caps for the family.

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