Ovation Fertility Lawsuit in Newport Beach – LOST EMBRYOS

FEBRUARY 29, 2024

ATTENTION:  IVF patients of Ovation Fertility, Newport Beach CA

It has come to our attention that numerous IVF patients of Ovation Fertility in Newport Beach, California, as well patients from other clinics who used Ovation Labs, have lost embryos due to a supposed “incubator malfunction.”

Due to defective equipment and/or wrongful conduct by Ovation Fertility and Ovation Labs, numerous IVF patients have lost their embryos. Many patients had non-viable embryos implanted, which resulted in a failed pregnancy. These patients were emotionally and physically traumatized by going through invasive and painful procedures, only to be given the crushing news that a non-viable embryo was implanted. Due to Ovation’s wrongful conduct, many of these patients may no longer be able to have biological children, or their chances to have biological children have been greatly diminished.

We have also learned that Ovation Fertility has attempted to sweep this matter under the rug by offering patients a $5,000 reimbursement of their procedure costs, which does not even begin to compensate these victims for what they have endured.

The Fertility Law Group is representing victims of the Ovation Fertility disaster, and intends to hold Ovation Fertility accountable. As of April, our law firm has filed a major lawsuit again Ovation Fertility.

If you or a loved one have lost embryos from Ovation Fertility or Ovations Labs in Orange County, California, please contact us for a free consultation, so that you can understand your rights and your options.

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