The Importance of Backup Measures to Protect Embryos and Eggs

Fertility clinics that store eggs or embryos have a responsibility to ensure that they have proper backup measures in place to prevent the destruction of eggs or embryos in the event of a power outage or equipment failure. This is because eggs and embryos are extremely delicate and must be stored at extremely low temperatures in order to remain viable.

Importance of Backup Measures

One of the most important backup measures that fertility clinics should have in place is a backup generator. This ensures that in the event of a power outage, the eggs and embryos will continue to be stored at the appropriate temperature and will not be lost. It is also important for fertility clinics to have backup equipment, such as backup freezers, in case of equipment failure.

The process of freezing and storing embryos and eggs is a delicate one that requires precise temperature control. Eggs and embryos must be stored at temperatures between -196 degrees Celsius and -320 degrees Fahrenheit to remain viable. When freezers go out, the eggs and embryos stored inside can be lost or damaged.

Impact of Negligence on Families

The loss of embryos and eggs can be devastating for families who have put their trust in a fertility clinic to help them have a child. It can mean that they are no longer able to have a biologically related child and can cause emotional distress, mental anguish and financial losses.

Options Available for Failed Backup Measures

When embryos are lost or destroyed, the affected individuals or couples are often devastated. Freezing embryos is not just a time and financial investment, but a physical and emotional one as well. When embryos are lost or destroyed, patients are faced with the prospect of enduring this grueling process all over again or— in many cases—they can no longer do so, leaving them unable to have a biologically related child.

In certain cases, individuals or couples may have grounds for legal claims against the party responsible for the loss or destruction of embryos. This can include lawsuits based on negligence, breach of contract, products liability or even fraud or intentional infliction of emotional distress in some cases. The potential damages can range from thousands of dollars or even millions depending on the circumstances. Our attorneys specialize in these types of claims and can provide guidance on the legal options available.

Contact a Fertility Malpractice Lawyer

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