Sperm Mixups Resulting in a Child of a Different Race

In some cases of IVF or IUI, sperm mix ups can occur, resulting in parents having a child of a different race than what they were expecting. This can have significant emotional consequences for the entire family, as the child may feel alienated and the parents may feel a sense of loss or confusion.   […]

The Importance of Backup Measures to Protect Embryos and Eggs

Fertility clinics that store eggs or embryos have a responsibility to ensure that they have proper backup measures in place to prevent the destruction of eggs or embryos in the event of a power outage or equipment failure. This is because eggs and embryos are extremely delicate and must be stored at extremely low temperatures […]

The Consequences of Wrongful Disclosure of Egg and Sperm Donor Identity

Fertility clinics have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of egg and sperm donors. Unfortunately, there have been cases where clinics have wrongfully disclosed the identity of a donor, violating the donor’s rights and causing emotional distress. This violates the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which is a federal law that established national […]

Lost or Destroyed Embryos Can Have a Devastating Impact on Families.

Families who have put their trust in fertility clinics to help them have a child often face an unimaginable emotional distress when something goes wrong with their eggs or embryos. The loss, destruction, or misuse of eggs or embryos by fertility clinics can be devastating for families who are deprived of the ability to have […]

Fertility Malpractice Takes An Emotional Toll On Entire Families.

Families who discover that their child born through a fertility clinic is not biologically related to one or both parents can experience a range of emotions, including feelings of violation, betrayal, and loss. The fact that a stranger’s sperm was wrongfully inserted into the mother’s body without their knowledge or consent can be a deeply […]

Non-Paternity Identified through Online DNA Test – What to Do?

Risks of Online DNA Testing The rise of online DNA testing has led to a shocking discovery for many parents: their children born through fertility clinics may not be biologically related to one or both of them. This can happen due to a sperm or embryo mix-up, or even intentional wrongdoing (e.g., sperm switching or […]

Do Anonymous Sperm Donors Have Any Parental Rights To My Child?

Sperm Donor Parental Rights & Obligations Whether an anonymous sperm donor has any parental rights depends on the laws of the specific jurisdiction and the circumstances of the donation. In general, when a sperm donor is anonymous, they are considered to have no legal rights or responsibilities as a parent. The intended parents, or the […]

What Are My Damages For Inaccurate Genetic Testing or Genetic Screening?

  Inaccurate genetic testing or screening can have serious consequences, both financially and emotionally. It can result in miscarriages, late term abortions, future infertility, physical injuries to the mother, wrongful death, and children born with genetic defects that require a lifetime of future care. If you have been a victim of inaccurate test results, it […]

Lost, Destroyed, or Stolen Embryos Lawsuits: It Happens More Than You Think!

Fertility doctors and clinics hold themselves out as noble caregivers who families realize their dream of having children. Many of them are. But—all too often—fertility centers completely fail their duties to their patients, either through gross negligence or, in some cases, intentional wrongdoing. Examples of Lost Embryo Lawsuits In just the past few years, there […]